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All you need to know about code 3 police lights

There used to be a time when people lived in complete ignorance. There were no rules and regulations which is why people were not afraid to commit crimes like murder, robbery, rape, etc. However, we are fortunate enough to live in times where there rules even for a person walking on a road so that countries will run in certain order. People who do not follow the rules set by the government have to face chastisement from law and order. But before reaching the law phase, they have to face the police forces. The duty of police force is quite difficult and while they are on the road, they use code 3 police lights for emergency situations. In this article, we will be discussing everything about code 3 police lights. 

Police force: 

Police force is the force who is responsible for keeping the law and order of the town and district. They make sure to chastise the criminals who are responsible for various crimes; be it any small crime or any heinous crime. There used to be a time when people were not afraid of doing crimes but fortunately, now we have a force which is standing behind us and is ready to help us in any critical security related situation. There are some rules which a police force also has to follow. One of which is about the use of code 3 police lights which are going to be discussed in this article. 

Code 3 police lights: 

Basically, we know that the main use of light is to brighten the room and to eliminate darkness but there are other uses as well. Among which one of the main use is its importance in police force. There are special customised police force’s cars that are used only for the police related purposes which can be following the criminal or checking the crime site. Now, code 3 police lights are the lights that are attached at the top of the police force’s cars. In earlier times, code 3 police lights were only of red colour but as ambulances and various other vehicles started to use same coloured LED lights so to be distinguished among other lights, blue colour was also added on police force’s LED lights along with red colour. 

The code 3 police lights that we see nowadays are of red and blue colour which keeps fluctuating when it is switched on. These lights are like any other LED lights. LED lights are light emitting diodes which are brighter as compared to regular lights. They can be lighted by the passage of electric current. 

Use of code 3 police lights: 

Code 3 police lights are used in case of extreme emergency. When a police force is trying to catch a criminal or has to reach certain place on time then they switch on their LED code 3 police lights along with the specific police siren. This purpose of illuminating this code 3 police light is to aware the people to clear the way for police force as they are in hurry in regards to some police related matter.  

Similarly, LED lights are used on the top of ambulances as well but the main difference lays in their colour as the LED light used on ambulance is only of red colour whereas code 3 police lights are of red as well as of blue colour. However, both of these lights fluctuate in the same way. 


Led lights are the lights that shine brighter than other kinds of regular lights. These lights run by the passage of electric current. Code 3 police lights are also roof mount LED light bar that are placed on the top of police cars. These lights are of blue and red colours which are switched on along with police’s siren. These lights are switched on in case of emergency like when a police has to catch the criminal. Different kinds of LED are available in the market. These lights can be used for various purposes. “Red fleet safety” sells the wide variety of LED lights all across the country. They offer the best quality of code 3 police lights which are long lasting.