Buying Your Vape Online


With the growing awareness of the health hazards of smoking, many people, old and young, are switching to vapes. Vapes are electronic cigarettes that pose no harm. Carcinogens are the main ingredients of the cigarettes that are responsible for millions of deaths everywhere. Other than that, cigarettes have hundreds of chemicals that give off thousands of chemicals when upon burning. Tar is usually the cancer causing agent that is considered most harmful. Vape, on the other hand, has no such chemical involved. It has only 2-3 ingredients and even they are harmless. 

Vape contain e-juice or vape-juice. This juice is made of Propylene Glycol, PG or Vegetable Glycerin, VG and some food flavor. Some users prefer adding nicotine. The amount of nicotine depends on the user’s desire. PG or VG makes up 90% of this e-juice. The remaining 10% consists of food flavor and any nicotine used. This juice gets heated by the atomiser. The cartilage sends this liquid to the atomizer for burning and simultaneously, sends the vapors to the mouthpiece. This all runs with the battery.  

Evolution of Vape  

The idea of vapes was first introduced by Joseph Robinson in 1927. However, it was not until 1963 that the first vape was made. The initial purpose of making this was to provide a safer alternate to the addictive smokers. It offered a non-tobacco smoking experience. The first generation of vapes was called cig-a-like. This, at first, contained atomiser and cartilage for burning the vapor.

However, it was later combined to form one unit; cartomizer. They were called cig-a-likes for their close appearance to cigarettes.

The second generation featured Vape Pens. As before, they were called so because of their appearance. They increased the battery life of the cigarette and the performance of atomiser for denser vapes. They are usually used by newbies. The third generation introduced the vape mods. This is what people nowadays use. It provides a number of options. Mods is short form for modification. It is given this name to symbolise the modifications brought in this vape. Vape mods allow more personalisation. Due to the variety of personalisation, they are also called advanced personal vaping devices. 2 main options faced by users of vape mods are, Regulated Mods or Unregulated mods. The regulated mods have a chip that electrically protects the device from overheating. Unregulated mods have no such chip.

Benefits of Vape  

The reason vape’s market has been growing lately is not just because it gives a pleasant smoking experience. There are some other benefits of vaping that make them so desirable. Lets take a look at these benefits. 

  1. Unlike cigarettes, vapes do not take any component to the lungs so, the vaping experience does not affect the respiratory system. 
  2. Cigarettes contain a long list of poisonous chemicals that give off harmful life threatening gases in the form of smoke. There’s no such case in vaping. There is no ammonia produced, no hydrogen cyanide or any other harmful gas.  
  3. Vape also do not cause any form of addiction as the only ingredient that can possibly lead to is nicotine and even that is optional so unless one takes it in higher amounts, vapes cannot be chemically addictive.   
  4. An average smoker spends a lot of money on getting cigarettes. The more the addict, the more the person will be smoking in a day, resulting in more expense. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, save a lot of cash as the user gets the device ones and then it works for a plenty of times. It is rechargeable so the only cash user has to pay for, is the price for the juice.  

Vape mods 

Vape mods, as mentioned before, are so called because of the modifications they offer as well as the modification they have been through. The mod contains battery, atomiser and cartilage. Often there’s an addition of a part that combines two other parts or to offer an option that was earlier not there. Either way, vape mods offer a great deal of customisation.  

 Buying Vape  

Vapes can be bought from any B&M shop. However, when you buy vape online, it gives a better range of options. Many sites offer a wide range of customisation for the vapes. From choosing the right flavor blend to the addition of nicotine level, one can get a customised vape online. Also, in the case of experienced vape companies, you can get suggestions on your choice of flavors and the right amount of nicotine for you.