Is Formula Feeding Right For Me?

We all know that breast feeding is the best for babies. It provides a newborn with a wide variety of antibodies which keep off a lot of illnesses. Often, it has been seen that breast fed babies have a lower risk of certain illnesses, but that does not mean that bottle feeding does not have any benefits at all. It also has some unique benefits of its own. It is very convenient and gives the mother some rest and freedom. At the initial stage bottle feeding could be little problematic if your baby is habituated to be breast fed, but with time everything will be fine and your baby will love it. Remember no matter what you choose for your baby i.e. breast feed or bottle feed, you have to make sure that your baby is getting all nutrients. 

Today, bottle feeding is becoming a popular choice among ladies. Thankfully, there are lots of valuable bottle feeding baby tips available online to help mums. A baby who is bottle fed is less grumpy and enjoys a sound sleep than a breast fed baby. Mothers are enjoying their freedom and are leading a normal life. Working mothers can get back to their workplace sooner after their deliveries. It does not matter whether you have opted for Blackmores baby formula or you are unable to breast feed your baby, the conception of bottle feeding is healthy and a great and wonderful substitute to give your baby a good start in life. 

Benefits of bottle feeding 

  • Bottle feeding is very comfortable as it does not give pain like breast feeding does (cracked nipples, bite marks). 
  • It is very uncomfortable and embarrassing for women to breast feed their babies in public. But, with bottle milk you can feed your baby anywhere and anytime without any embarrassment. 
  • If the mother is a working woman then she can get back to her workplace very soon. Bottle feed is much easier if you have a busy lifestyle. 
  • Bottle feeding gives the chance to other family members to bond with the baby. Other than the mother, family members, like grandparents, siblings or even the father, can feed the baby and can have a bonding with the new born. While feeding the baby, the eye contact made with the little angel is something very special. In fact, the whole family can enjoy this beautiful experience. 
  • It is less demanding as bottle feeding gives a baby proper amount of milk. A breast feed baby often wants to eat frequently as they feel hungry which makes them cranky. 
  • Bottle feeding lets you know exactly how much your baby has consumed his foods.  You will not worry whether the baby has got enough milk or not. The proper measurement of the milk will help the baby to have a sound sleep. 
  • If your baby is breast fed then you have to follow a certain diet so that the baby after being breast feed does not have a problem in stool. Bottle feeding gives you this freedom and you can enjoy your favourite food or drinks. 
  • There will be no disturbance in your social life and you can go easily with your husband to dine out. 

Remember both you and your baby need to be happy. By feeding your baby by bottle, you can keep your baby with some other family members and can spend some quality time for yourself and relax. Give your child the best and enjoy your motherhood.