Make teething a whole lot easier for your baby!

If we have a child in the house, chances are we have had them go through the dreaded teething phase. There is really no shortage of reasons as to why this phase can be so horrible to deal with. It can involve the worst tantrums that can be impossible to deal with, tears, and lots and lots of drool. Of course, when it’s all over we can look back at it all and laugh, but when it’s actually happening, even going to sleep at night can be a nightmare while the baby goes waling on. Any parent dealing with a toddler teething will obviously try out dozens and dozens of methods to stop the horror. It can include trying to distract the baby, making him or her fall asleep, or so many other ingenious ways. The most popular, however, remains giving them something to chew on. This is why almost every toddler has a favorite toy out there which he or she loves to just gnaw on all day every day. These toys undoubtedly go through a lot of torture daily, when they are being tossed around, bitten, twisted and being covered in drool.  

So, why is it then that teething toys are so popular with every baby out there? Well, the answer is simple. They are the best way to help soothe some of the pain that the babies feel in their gums, because they can chew it all away and soothe some of the pressure that they feel in their gums. Without teething toys, you will notice that you child may start to chew anything in his or her sight. Be it your phone, clothes or anything else – anything and everything in their sight will be put straight in their mouth for them to test out their new teeth on. It is pretty apparent why this isn’t an ideal situation. Apart from getting drool all over the house, this can be terrible for the baby’s health and well being. Unknown objects can be cesspools of bacteria and all kinds of germs which can very easily get your little baby sick. In addition to this, teething toys can help prevent any injuries, because sometimes babies can put dangerous items inside their mouths, such as wires or sharp objects.  

Due to all of these reasons and so many more, a teething giraffe can really help you and your child out in the long run. These toys aren’t just fun to chew – they are also fun for your baby to play with. Many can come in interesting and pretty shapes, designed to capture your child’s interest. The most popular are animal shapes, which can really get babies interested. In addition to being fun to look at, they can also be fun for your baby to play with, as they can make squeaking noises which aren’t just fun for the baby to make and listen to, but they can also help hone your child’s hearing. Apart from all this, the teething giraffe toy is made of a very comfortable, soft material which can be fun for the child to touch, and is also completely safe for the child to chew. 

A teething giraffe toy is also the easiest ever to clean, as it can simply be wiped off and all the drool can be cleaned off. One of the most popular teething toys in the world – in fact it is the most popularly gifted baby item on Amazon – is Sophie the giraffe. Sophie isn’t just a regular teething toy. Once you buy a Sophie giraffe for your little baby, you’ll see her become a friend to your child. While she soothes your child’s aching gums, she will also amuse him or her every single day, as he or she has fun playing with her, talking to her, and having her around.  

Sophie can be the best teething toy for your baby, and you can be sure that even years later if you manage to dig up old belongings, your child will remember Sophie as fondly as he or she did all those years ago. You can find Sophie the Giraffe at The Baby Gift Company, and get her for your little bundle of joy straight away.