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Plan Your Children’s Birthday Party Menu Like A Pro!  

Whenever there is a kid’s birthday coming up, parents and even the entire family starts to freak out. Obviously, we all want our son’s, daughter’s or sibling’s birthday to be perfect. There are only three things that rejoice a child so much; gifts, games and favourite food. This is why, parties are always on the top of the list because children get to enjoy all of their favourite things together. However, the common practice whenever arranging the birthday parties has always been to focus on the theme, décor and what to include, making it more fun. Not just this, let’s accept that the cake design has always been the matter of intense discussion and planning too. In fact, settling on the cakes is often one of the first decisions. Though, most of the times, these planners out of the home forget to put their attention and focus on the party food, which leaves little bellies upset sometimes. It doesn’t matter if you are doing food full-throttle or just some small meals and bite-sized, what you put in front of the little guests and their parents matter a lot. Especially for the children, you need to have a balanced menu, so after all that fun and play, they keep their bellies stuffed for energy too. 

Consider The Party Attendees: 

It is essential that you decide the time and start the party at a time that matches the menu you are going ahead with or vice versa. If you are specific about the food, choose the time slot for the party that caters to that sort of menu for the attendees. You can’t expect the guests to arrive at 5 p.m., only to be treated with peanuts and cake. A dessert-and-snacks party works, but the timing has to work too. Simply, if you have a full meal, keep the timings near lunch or dinner, else opt otherwise. If you think the work will get too much for you, choose on any Birthday Catering Melbourne to make your life easier. Similarly, don’t forget to consider the age group of the children before deciding the menu. For older children, anything can work; pizzas, sandwiches, whatever. They will obviously love it. But, for the toddlers, you can’t have the same items. Be careful about what you keep so all the children attending the party can enjoy. 

Match The Theme: 

If you have decided to go with any theme for the birthday party, it would only be preferable to choose foods that the fit the theme. You can choose the menu and have the food customised as per the theme. If you are having an under-the sea party, let’s suppose, you can have octopuses on top of cupcakes and can serve goldfish crackers. If it is a Disney themed party, you can keep everything related to the fairy tales and princesses, so the kids giggle with excitement and enjoy the same way you wanted. It won’t be much of a hassle to keep the menu theme based, as you can birthday catering done from Melbourne-based superb caterers. You will just have to decide on the theme and the items you want to be included. 

Take Care Of The Specifics: 

Amid planning and arranging everything, do not overlook the specifics. Though birthdays are meant to be enjoyed by the kids, but that does not mean you over-indulge them with a sugar fest. We have noticed that some kids specific parties start with cookies, then the guests are served an ice-cream, which moves on to cake, candies and a lot more. Moderation is the key, so keep sweets, but not too much and pair them up with some savoury items as well. You won’t want the children to end up with the bellyaches. Also, keep in mind to ask parents ahead of time, if their children have any allergies or not. This will help you in planning the menu accordingly. Take allergies very seriously and even if you are keeping an item that somebody is allergic to, it should be completely off the reach of that kid. 

So, this was about it from our side. If you love planning, prepping and cooking food, then your kid’s birthday party is the best time. Even if you don’t, have fun, because you are going to remember it later. Otherwise, you always have some kick-ass party planners and caterers to look forward to.