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Registering a Domain Name

The domain name is another term for the web address of your site, like It’s sort of like an ID card for your site online. Anyone can buy a domain name for a small annual fee – less than $15 in most cases. You can also get a free domain name with a web host or a content management system like WordPress. However, these free sites often have the host site’s name at the end, like, so the domain is never really your own. If you buy a domain, you have to register it. Read ahead to find out about the importance of domain names and how to register one:

Why Pay for Your Own Domain Name

As mentioned above, free domains are not your own domain. There are several reasons why you should opt for your own domain name registration. First of all, if you change the host or the CMS, you can keep the domain name. The old host will automatically direct the site without you having to inform them to do so. This is important because as your site grows, hopefully, you will find yourself changing hosting packages and CMSs.

Also, when there’s the name of another company attached to your domain, you are never really the owner of the domain name, or by extension, the website. There could be legal issues that arise as your site matures and you add more content.

Having your own domain name is important for independence as well as for credibility. If you are running a site intended for monetization, you need an independent domain name to get potential customers to trust you. No one is going to buy from a company that obviously uses a free domain name. Also, for businesses the domain name is the brand. Think about or The domain names are the brands of the company that people remember. Some people who want to search your brand may type it into a browser. When you have your own domain name, it will be easy to attract curious customers like this. Advertisers, too, only prefer sites with their own domain names.

The Registration Process

All domain names must be registered with ICANN, which manages and categorizes all domain names available on the web. You can register with ICANN using a verified domain name registrar. There are also third parties that now act as part of domain name registrars, like web hosts and web developers. However, it is recommended to use a registrar and not a third party.

Registration would cost between $10 and $40, depending on the domain you choose. You can buy registration on a yearly basis, a 5 or 10 year extension period. You must pay to renew your domain name each year.

Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t use a third party to register your domain name if you can help it. Third parties may charge more. Or worse, they could register your website under the names of their companies, which gives them ownership to the content on your site. Do it on your own with a proper registrar.

Choose the domain name wisely. It’s a unique identifier that will make your site famous around the net. Without this uniqueness, your site will fail to gain traction.

You may also want to use a country extension like .au. It’s a great tool for attracting local audiences. You may have to pay a tiny bit more for the domain extension. Talk to a professional consultant, go to