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The Best Yarra Valley Wineries 

The scenic and charming Yarra valley are making a splash all around the world due to its quality wine, its vineyard, and its beautiful rolling green hills. Turning pages of history illustrates that the Yarra Valley has been best known for producing wines for more than 150 years. It is also considered as the birthplace of Victoria cider and Australian Champagne Cider. Its first vine was planted back in 1800’s and this is how in Yarra, the business of viticulture started flourishing.

In late 1800, however, its business reach its peak and people from various areas like to come here. There also came a time when wine production was ceased in Yarra in 1921. Somehow after the struggle of its people, the permission of it re plantation was granted after a time period of almost forty years in the 1960s. One of the major reason why its wines are considered best in quality, its climate, which is cool and suitable. Its beauty, natural views and worth tasting wines has always been centre of attraction for visitors. It’s a splendid place to hang out on weekends or for a longer stay in Australia. A drive of few miles away from Melbourne, Yarra Valley is located, welcoming everyone to its wonderland. So if you’re planning to this heaven-like place, do not forget to visit the best Yarra Valley wineries. 

Rochford Wine is a bright spot to visit in Yarra Valley. It is a classical restaurant that not only serve wines but also café and a wide outdoor space that give one piece of mind. The curved roadway with green trees widespread present enthralling view of the valley. The quality of wine has its own worth. Adding more to this, the tasting of the two flavors Rochford’s Yarra Valley wines and product of Macedon Range vineyards is also provided. 

Giant Step is another famous vineyard of Australia that was named after saxophonist John Coltrane whose album was released in 1960 with the same name. Since the owner of the winery was also a fan of Jazz music so he named his restaurant’s wine after that for the love of Jazz music! The restaurant is partitioned into two, one has a wine bar and the other having dining area. Do not take a chance of missing any of these two areas! 

TarraWarra Estate, one of its unique place situated on the top of the hills with cellar door, amazing art gallery, splendid restaurant, and picturesque view with beautiful forestry Long Gully on the downside. Estate give its guests a chance to visit the cellar door with winemaker just in $5. TarraWarra Museum of Art has its own pleasure. Estate is a must visit destination of one’s visit to Yarra Valley in Australia. 

Punt’s Road is a comfortable place and high standard place which is known for its rich quality wines. The name of the Punt Road was taken from Punt Road in the Melbourne, where many vineyards flourished than 150 years ago. The relaxed ambiance of the Punt’s Road on site seeing apple orchard and small cellar door is worth visiting! 

Moet er Chandon, a French champagne house, has been producing top-shelf wine with a quality taste for many years. It should be in one’s must-visit places of Yarra Valley because of its cellar door and Green point Brasserie that gives widespread scenic views across the hills. Another interesting thing about this place is its table wines that are finest among all. This place has its own wonders; on one side you can make a visit to wine production area and on the same side you take pleasure of its breathtaking views! 

The beautiful architecture of the restaurants along with breathtaking vistas of hills, cellar doors, green forestry are one of the pleasures one wish to have in his life! Charming scenery of the countryside is worth capturing in cameras because these views are not available for daily pleasures. One feels so fresh and enthralled with new spirit after visiting this heaven-like place on the earth. If you’re planning to go somewhere this vacation then do not forget to put Yarra Valley on your checklist because this visit will be food for your soul!