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Tips To Choose The Best Birthday Venues In Melbourne 

Aussies are very picky about the party venues when it comes to throwing surprises for the loved ones. There are many places across Australia which can be taken aboard for parties but it is the intent and the associated emotions of the working teams which play a vital role in pulling off the surprise or the whole event.

There are many difficult decision phases that you have to go through while organizing a birthday party starting from making a list of invitees to selecting a venue, from choosing the vendors to ordering the cake, from picking up a theme to the complete execution, to name a few. The place or location of event carries an important role in defining the overall mood of the birthday party and to enhance the pleasing experience of the guests.

Every person decides upon the venue of the event as per his/her requirement but if you are clear about the budget, estimated gathering and space requirement in your head then you can have the better understanding about the birthday party execution. The general rule of thumb is to book the venue 3-4 months before the event day.

MelbourneBestFunctions.com.au would help you at choosing the best birthday venue in Melbourne out of the listed ones. Apart from that, below is given a few tips to help you better regarding the subject matter.


The first thing to consider while choosing a birthday venue is the location. It is generally the first thing that hits a person’s mind while working on a party. You would have to consider and brainstorm different possibilities, the birthday venue Melbourne has to be at a reasonable distance from the home or workplace so attendees could conveniently reach on time. If most of the guests will be coming from the outstation then it is best to choose the venue near to the airport. Sending the guests pinned location of the venue could also add more to their convenience level.

Parking Lot

Finding an event venue location with a parking lot is a blessing in itself, it is something difficult to get in Australia though. Even if you cannot find a venue with sufficient parking space then there are certain things you can do to make up for it such as hire a valet to do the parking on behalf of your guests in the nearby parking lot, or you can hire the nearby parking space or put a ticket on it that your guests could pay or you can strike a deal with Uber to provide discounted promo codes to your guests to the venue. All these things get easier with MelbourneBestFunctions.com.au who makes sure that your party turns out to be one of the best and most memorable ones in a lifetime.


Being aware of the capacity of hall or venue room is another important aspect for decision making of your birthday party in Australia. If the room has a capacity of 250 persons then you cannot and should not try to adjust 500 people in it. Similarly, you should also be aware of the minimum order of food and beverages that are associated with the venue in addition to finding the previous feedbacks on it as well. This will help you in negotiating better with the vendors. You should also seek feedback from your friends and relatives regarding the adjustment into room size or the food & beverage order to pull off the event in an informed way.


Some birthday venues in Australia also provide with add-on amenities to attract the customers. You should also check if the venue you intend to choose has an in-house catering and cooking facility along with the charges or you will have to outsource it. Similarly, does it have the chairs, tables and table tops as per your required themes or not, do they have support staff to clean the venue before, during or after the event or not? Last but not the least, are they supporting the audio-visual aid for the birthday party or not?

Flexibility on Cost & Date

It is better, that your vendor should let you reserve 2 to 3 dates in its calendar for the birthday venue in Australia if you are not yet sure about the final date. This will take the burden off your head and give you an advantage of making an informed decision.

A special attention should be given to the standard decor of the venue as this will speak volume in your decision making about the vendor when you would visit the venue. The best way out is to work with those vendors who have proven track record in providing good party facilities and venues to the Aussies across Melbourne.