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Types of conventional carpet cleaning

Want the best carpet cleaning services? Let’s grasp the various types of carpet cleaning means used by professionals to really understand the kind of your carpet and the best suited method for yours. Here are the different types of carpet cleaning in Brisbane Southside in the market: 

Hot Water Cleaning (Extraction) 

Also known as steam cleaning method, it utilizes high pressured hot water that steep in carpet fibers and dissolve all the dirt in it and get out immediately. A cleaning agent is applied on soiled surface and then it is agitated with a hard bush to get deep inside and extract all the dirt particles. Then the cleaning agent is washed off thoroughly and left it to dry in mostly in air conditioned room. Average time of cleaning in this method is 2 hours usually of cleaning and 4 to dry, but can vary from carpet to carpet as well  

Carpet Shampooing 

Probably one of the first methods introduced for carpet cleaning or pet carpet cleaning would be shampooing it till 1970s. On one hand it cleans heavily soiled carpet but at the same time the most significant disadvantage of shampooing carpet is it traps a lot of shampoo residue inside it and it is extremely hard to extract all of it out of the carpet once it dries out and hardens. This gets more dirt stick inside the carpet with shampoo residual. 


After the downfall of carpet shampooing in 1970s another method called encapsulation was introduced. It uses different kind of synthetic detergents as a base that turns it in powder form after drying out. Dirt particles are then be encapsulated into powder form when the applied cleaning foam dries finally after drying it is vacuumed to have a clean surface. It uses less water than the former technique hence takes less time to dry.  

Bonnet Cleaning 

This method is usually used in hotels as a quick fix because it cleans the top surface of the carpet by removing any dust particles in a heavily utilized public area. It uses a motorized machine that has a rotating pad immersed in a cleaning solution. It cleans the carpet without much moisture and hence dries out very quickly ideal for hotel guests. The most significant drawback of this method is it is not ideal for cleaning a heavily soiled carpets it only fixes the top surface of carpet but inside remains dirty, this can quickly bring back the dirt from inside to the top layer. 

Dry Cleaning 

The most latest technology till date is dry cleaning or compound cleaning method which is gaining immense importance day by day because of its efficiency and effectively in cleaning the dirty carpets conveniently without consuming any drying time. This method of carpet cleaning was invented in 1980s after shampooing and encapsulation and is still efficient in the market today. Dry cleaning method applies dry compound or cleaning detergent/powder into the bottom surface of the carpet using a rotating brush with a heavy motor attached to it to open up the fibers and loosened the dirt particles trapped inside. Then the compound is allowed to settle inside and catch the dust particles resulting in deep thorough cleaning from inside out. The cleaning agent is made of biodegradable material works exactly like micro sponges that absorbs the entire dirt particles inside and eliminated at the end of the entire cleaning process leaving the carpet residue free. As the technology is growing rapidly so many manufacturers have started making their own cleaning agents and powders for dry cleaning purposes and have initiated their own business. 

This type of cleaning is safe for all types of carpets and is done in commercial offices that runs 24/7 most commonly. Dry cleaning is not only done on carpets but your fancy clothes as well like winter coats, jackets, and wedding dresses even your blankets and comforters. It is the safest and most efficient option to avail nowadays for your precious items. 

No matter which method do you use cleaning your carpets regularly will increase the age of your belonging by 2 times. Contact us today and get the best pet carpet cleaning in Brisbane at your doorsteps.